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Request to Address a meeting

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Every month Baysiders are invited to address a Peaceful Bayside meeting - you can speak about a problem that you're grappling with or present an idea you'd like explored, and all of us at Peaceful Bayside welcome any suggestions for ways to create a better Bayside that you want to share.

We ask that you limit speaking to five (5) minutes or less (please time your speech by reading it out loud.)

After you've spoken, a short discussion will take place to establish the next steps.

Please note: if you'd like to highlight your road as a hoon hotspot or want to discuss hooning or dangerous driving generally, please email
Peaceful Bayside with those details. Addressing the meeting is reserved for the discussion of issues and ideas that haven't been explored before.

Unless otherwise specified, meetings will be held via Zoom. We will email you an invitation with the Zoom link on the day of the meeting.

meetings for 2022

Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 19 April 

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 27 April


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 17 May

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 25 May


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 14 June

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 22 June


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 19 July

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 27 July


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 16 August

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 24 August


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 20 September

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 28 September


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 18 October

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 26 October


Peaceful Bayside meeting: Tuesday 15 November

Bayside Council meeting: Wednesday 23 November

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Bayside Council Meetings


Time: 7pm

Council Chambers

Rockdale Town Hall

448 Princes Highway Rockdale

NSW 2216


Watch online:
Council meetings are streamed on Council’s
YouTube channel

Council agendas and minutes

Request to speak at a council meeting

Meeting start time: 7pm

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