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What is Active Transport?

Active Transport is walking and cycling. More active transport options make it easier for people to walk or cycle to shops, or even take longer trips, like commuting to work in neighbouring parts of Sydney.

Active Transport is getting more popular as cycleways improve and new types of bikes become available - designed to carry families and cargo. E-bikes are now available and make it easier to travel longer distances and hilly routes.

Key Benefits of Active Transport

  • Economic Benefits: 

    • Attracts customers who don’t need parking to stop and shop. 

    • Every dollar invested in cycling infrastructure may return up to five dollars worth of benefits (mostly from the health benefits of a more active lifestyle).

  • Health and Environmental Benefits

    • Active transport leads to decreased motoring costs, decreased traffic congestion, improved health, improved environmental outcomes, and improved urban liveability.

  • Social Benefits: 

    • Enables equity in our society. Active Transport allows citizens of all abilities the means to be free to choose where they want to go. It promotes healthier, cheaper, more social living.

  • Infrastructure Benefits: 

    • Active transport decreases infrastructure spending. It also helps in creating walkable and connected neighbourhoods where residents can enjoy existing facilities more often.


Bayside residents want more walking and bicycle paths

A recent Bayside Council survey shows that Bayside residents want to get out there and enjoy our beautiful local environment with 72% of respondents desiring safer streets, 43% better managed green spaces and 41% more liveable inclusive neighbourhoods. 


Bayside Council proposal for Active Transport links between Arncliffe and Banksia to Riverine Park, received 89 submissions with an overwhelming 92% of participants expressing their support.


Do we need Active Transport infrastructure in Bayside?

Active Transport infrastructure is greatly needed and wanted in Bayside. More and better cycle paths and pedestrian walkways can result in traffic calming, and make our streets safer, discouraging dangerous driving and hooning behaviour.


The NSW Government has extensive plans to connect Greater Sydney with Active Transport infrastructure, including Strategic Cycleway Corridors, and Green Grid Corridors. Peaceful Bayside wants to ensure that Bayside is included in these plans. 


Despite these benefits walking and cycling only receive between 0.1% and 2% of state transport budgets.

Check out our proposal for the Kamay Greenway. And stay tuned for policy announcements from Peaceful Bayside focused on Active Transport! Sign up for updates!


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