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Peaceful Bayside is a community action group working to make Bayside (NSW) better. With Heidi Lee Douglas representing locals as our councillor,

we are bringing fresh, visionary leadership to Bayside. 

Welcome to Peaceful Bayside

Together, let's make Bayside a place where we can work, play and thrive. 


Where we enjoy world-class, shared public spaces - our beaches, parks and bush reserves. 


Where we can shop comfortably in our community, with safer streets, adequate parking and easy-to-use active travel and public transport routes, so we can all better support local businesses and ensure prosperity


Where our rich, varied and diverse cultural communities are cherished, and we become a go-to-place in Sydney for unique community events and celebrations. 


Where we have places for our young and young at heart to enjoy art, music, sport and great food. Where our women and girls are empowered, and we all live respectfully and harmoniously.


The independent Peaceful Bayside team ran for election in Ward 5, electing Heidi Lee Douglas as a Bayside Councillor in December 2021
Photograph: Heidi Lee Douglas, Imroze Ali and Joyce Campbel

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