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Fresh, Visionary Leadership

NSW Council Elections - 14 September 2024

In 2024, Peaceful Bayside is presenting voters with an exciting choice for fresh, visionary leadership.


Make your vote count for:

  • Safer streets

  • Better-managed green spaces

  • More inclusive, liveable and family-friendly neighbourhoods

  • Safer, cleaner and more accessible beaches and waterways 

  • Better walking and cycling routes, like the Kamay Greenway

  • More support for local arts, culture and events


Maria Poulos

Carolin Wenzel

Dr Janin Bredehoeft

Dominic Galvin

Clr Heidi Lee Douglas

Bayside Map w Wards_0-2.jpg

Some ward boundary changes came into effect recently.

 Unsure which ward you're in? Check your ward details here.

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