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bayside paddling webinar

Tips and Tricks for Paddling on Botany Bay and the Cooks River!

Featuring River Canoe Club President, Simon Wilkes in conversation with Bayside Paddle Group Founder, Heidi Lee Douglas


Webinar co-hosted by the Peaceful Bayside Action Group and Bayside Paddle Group

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The Bayside Paddle Group has brought together residents who are sharing paddling skills and adventures. Many paddlers have said that they would like better facilities in Bayside.


Filling out this survey will allow the Bayside Paddle Group to work with the Peaceful Bayside Action Group to advocate for your needs.

We are grassroots, volunteer-driven groups that are committed to creating a better Bayside.

The Bayside Paddle Group, the Bayside Community Recreation Club and the River Canoe Club have been consulted for this survey.

How would you describe your paddling experience?

The information collected here is purely for statistical purposes, for more information please read our privacy policy.


Which new facilities for paddling in Bayside would you like?

Kayak and Paddle Board Storage 

Kayak storage at the Bayside Community Recreation Club site on Muddy Creek
Kayak storage at the pavilion at Brighton Le Sands
Kayak storage under the new St George Sailing Club
Kayak storage under the Georges River Sailing Club

Safer access points

Kayak and Stand Up delineated safety lane on Muddy Creek
A floating pontoon for launching kayaks at Discovery Park, Wolli Creek
Public pontoon access at Muddy Creek, Kyeemagh

Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) safety

More public signage to advise Jet Ski users about safe behaviour
More clearly defined areas where Jet Skis can drive and safely perform tricks
More signage about how to report dangerous Jet Ski activity
More policing of dangerous Jet Ski activity

For the kids

A netted-off area for kids kayaking at Cahill Park, Wolli Creek
Kids netted off kayak area on Muddy Creek

Hire or borrow

Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board hire facilities
Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Share Club

Improved Signage

A Bayside Paddle Trail with signage
Marine life public education signage on waterways

Showers and cleaning

More outdoor shower facilities for beachgoers and paddlers

Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey.


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