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Dear Peaceful Baysiders,


I need a big favour.


I have greatly appreciated your support during the first half of my first term as your councillor for Bayside. I am very proud of what - together - we have achieved in pushing for safer streets, better managed green spaces and more liveable and inclusive neighbourhoods. I know we have already made a real difference on Council.


But it is going to take two terms in council for me to ensure the motions I have had passed are implemented - like  jet ski monitoring, getting noise cameras for Bayside, gardening initiatives like for Gardens for Wildlife, for volunteer helpers for elderly gardeners, better active transport routes, and safe routes to schools, etc.

Heidi at BLS PS Polling Booth.png

After some advice from councillors in other LGAs, I am now setting up a Peaceful Bayside party - not the type with balloons and dancing, although let's hope there is plenty of that to come!

But it’s urgent because I need to sort out all the paperwork for creating a Peaceful Bayside party in the next two weeks! This is due to the NSW Electoral Commission's long lead-time in processing applications.

So in the next two weeks, that is by 30 April, I need 100 people to become members to be able to form the Peaceful Bayside party

How to Vote Above the Line.png

Creating a Peaceful Bayside political party will mean Peaceful Bayside will appear above the line on the ballot paper at the September 2024 election.


This makes it easier for people to vote for us. It is especially important for the growing number of postal voters, and online voters, who don’t have the how to vote cards that are handed out at polling booths. Peaceful Bayside candidates didn’t get many online or postal votes last election, and so forming a party will really help this. It’s so much easier for people to work out how to vote if they see the party name above the line!


1) Please let me know if you are able to join by emailing me at


2) Please fill out the Declaration of party membership form.

When filling out this form, please fill in your details accurately. Your name must be filled in exactly as it appears on the electoral role. As the NSW Electoral Commission checks the details of every member, any difference, however small or seemingly insignificant, will mean your form will be rejected. You can check your electoral roll details here.

Ensure to include the party name: Peaceful Bayside.

  • Download the form - it's a PDF - and save it to your laptop. Complete all the necessary sections and save. Attach the completed PDF to an email and send it to me at:;

  • Via computer: you can use a digital signature and email it to me at:
    Note: you must use your own personal electronic signature and not a generic one.


If you have any problems let me know and I will organise to pick up your completed hard copy form from you on 29 or 30 April.


3) Please ask your friends, family and neighbours to join the Peaceful Bayside party too! If you help recruit five people as members we will soon be sorted to run Peaceful Bayside above the line in the next election.


Email me at if you have any questions.


Our deadline is 30 April, but I would appreciate your response ASAP so I know how we are tracking on reaching the 100 members needed.


Again, this is the link to the Declaration of party membership form.


Thanks for you time and support - together with your care, we are making Bayside better.

Heidi Lee Douglas

Peaceful Bayside Founder

Electoral Commission - Declaration of Party Membership.png

Click on the image above to download the Declaration of party membership form.

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Two Men
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