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"Noise cameras"

Watch the webinar for more information on how noise cameras work:

London's noise cameras: a solution for Bayside

Add your voice by signing the petition and together we can create a better Bayside.

Peaceful Bayside is seeking support from Bayside Council and the NSW State Government to support a noise camera trial for Bayside. 

Bayside residents desperately need solutions to long-running noise pollution from hooning and dangerous driving. 

A trial noise camera has been offered to Bayside Council, to enable authorities to issue fines to vehicles exceeding legal noise limits.

These noise cameras have already proven successful in restoring the peace from hooning in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. 

The first camera installed resulted in excess of 150 fines within a three-month period. The noise cameras have now been rolled out across seven locations in the area, as well as also being trialled in New York.

Peaceful Bayside has secured an agreement with the UK manufacturer to install a noise camera on a trial basis in Bayside. Now the Council and State Government just need to support this initiative.



Peaceful Bayside recently held the following webinar:

London's noise cameras: a solution for Bayside.
here for more information on how the cameras work.

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