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13 JUNE 2024: The Leader

Peaceful Bayside launches candidate team for Bayside Council

Peaceful Bayside has registered as a new political party and is fielding candidates in all five Bayside Council wards for the 14 September local government elections.


14 NOVEMBER 2023: 9 News Sydney

SANS SOUCI residents fed up with street racing hoons

Homeowners have told 9News motorists have been racing down Riverside Drive and surrounding Sans Souci streets, disturbing the area's peace with their revving engines. 9News also spoke to Cllr Heidi Lee Douglas about this ongoing problem and the need for a noise camera trial.

9News Riverside Drive Sans Souci Hooning - 14 November 2023.png

27 AUGUST 2023: Herald Sun

Distraught mum of two boys who died in crash speaks to driver

“We also ask that by the start of the school year 2024, mandatory education to prevent anti-social driving is implemented in all NSW high schools,” Independent Bayside Council councillor Heidi Lee Douglas said.  

Monterey Car Accident - August 2023.png

27 AUGUST 2023:

Family ‘distraught’ after kids killed in fatal smash

Independent Bayside Council councillor Heidi Lee Douglas advocated for the immediate installation of speed cameras on The Grand Parade and Bay Street and the dedication of more policing resources in the St George area.

Monterey Car Accident Tree Tribute - August 2023.png

27 JUNE 2023: The Leader

Bayside Council "well-placed" for noise activated camera trial

Confirmation that the EPA are looking into noise camera technology to see if it can work within NSW has been welcomed by Bayside mayor Dr Christina Curry as great news for residents, especially those living in the suburbs along the foreshore.

Noise Camera Petition.png

23 JUNE 2023: The Leader

Car hoons driving us away, says Sandringham resident

Car hoons have ground-down one family who are selling up and moving on to escape the noise. In a letter to Bayside Councillors and The Leader, the resident, who asked not to be named, described the relentless hoon behaviour which has affected the well-being of his family.

Sandringham Family Driven Away - June 2023.png

11 MAY 2023: Bayside Beacon

‘You can stand on the sidelines complaining, or you can step up and try make a difference,’

Emboldened by its success at the last council election, safety and sustainability action group Peaceful Bayside is set to become an official local political party. The grassroots action group is currently in the process of getting registered with the NSW Electoral Commission.

Group of Campaigners.png

31 OCTOBER 2022: The Leader

New signs needed to give jet skiers a spray

Bayside Council will request NSW Maritime install signs along Lady Robinsons Beach explaining the laws Jet Ski riders must abide by and how the public can report illegal jet ski activity. The request was outlined in a Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas.

NSW Maritime inspector on patrol.png


Bay Street in Brighton Le Sands will be closed in summer


In a unique Sydney trial the brakes are being put on hoons who've turned Bay Street in Brighton Le Sands into an illegal drag strip.

Channel 7 News - 6 October 2022.png

2 SEPTEMBER 2022: The Leader

Christie wants Bayside to be 'Beach Accessible'


Councillor Douglas put forward a Notice of Motion at the 24 August council meeting calling for Council to provide a report on beach matting and other ways Bayside beaches could be accessible for users with mobility issues.

Accessible Bayside Beaches.png

24 JUNE 2022: The Daily Telegraph

Cr Douglas supported keeping the wage the same

... for at least the next year until the council could clearly communicate to residents the need to increase rates. She said she did not believe residents understood the need for the rate hike.


27 APRIL 2022: Yahoo News

'FED UP': Locals fume over carpark 'hoons'

Residents of a southern Sydney suburb are calling for changes in the community after being kept up at night due to hoons and drag races on the main road.

Sans Souci Litter - Petition Start.png

8 MARCH 2022: The Sydney Morning Herald

Traffic noise: It sounds ‘like gunshots... it wakes up dogs, it wakes up babies’

Those same noises have ricocheted through Sydney’s Bayside community, said local activist Heidi Douglas who has been campaigning for a “peaceful Bayside”.

Heidi walking with Q and R.png

15 FEBRUARY 2022: The Leader

Call for noise camera trial to stop hoons at Brighton Le Sands

The idea was suggested in the Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas at the 9 February council meeting.

Hoon road marks.png

4 FEBRUARY 2022: The Leader

See you soon, hoon


Bayside Council's smart camera technology being installed in Brighton Le Sands will be able to monitor anti-social behaviour, particularly car hooning. They will also be used to catch anyone defacing local businesses with graffiti.

See you soon, hoon.png

27 NOVEMBER 2021: The Leader

Meet the Bayside Council candidates: HEIDI DOUGLAS


Heidi Douglas is the founder and lead candidate for Peaceful Bayside. She is a grassroots community independent with a track record in striving and working to make Bayside better
Vote 1 Group B above the line in Ward 5 on 4 December

Copy of DSC_5674_NWM_VGNT_HR.jpg

2 OCTOBER 2021: The Leader

Adopt a Tree program to be explored by Bayside Council


Heidi Lee Douglas, of the Peaceful Bayside action group, spoke at the meeting in full support of the motion. "Trees are important for reducing carbon emissions and helping us tackle climate change. They're good for our mental health and increase the liveability of our cities"


9 SEPTEMBER 2021: The Leader

Stock your mental health toolkit with free webinar


After weeks of lockdown, everyone is feeling strain. That's why it's so important to keep up your mental health and check in on others. Mental health clinician Mark Micelli recently chatted to Peaceful Bayside about restocking your mental health toolkit

Mark Micelli.jpg

23 AUGUST 2021: The Leader

Renewing Bayside after COVID-19 lockdown


Renewing Bayside after lockdown is the subject of a webinar hosted by Peaceful Bayside on 26 August. After another extended lockdown, how can we breathe new life back into the empty Bay Street shopfronts?

Photo 2 132m2 Shop 1 & 2 342 Bay St.jpg

10 AUGUST 2021: The Leader

Restocking your mental health toolkit in lockdown


Mental health clinician and Bayside resident Mark Micelli will be imparting advice on how to restock your mental health toolkit for lockdown, at a free webinar hosted Peaceful Bayside on Thursday, August 12 at 7.25pm

Mark Micelli Meeting Duke of Sussex.png

16 JULY 2021: The Leader

Car hoons in focus as Bayside rolls out new technology

Bayside has been trialling mobile Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) across the LGA. Following the success, the council will expand the technology to Brighton to tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour

LPR Technology Camera.png

12 JUNE 2021: The Leader

Peaceful Bayside campaign targets women with new social group

A new Facebook group set-up by women in the Bayside local government area aims to support women through a range of issues including domestic violence and under-representation on local council

Bayside Women.jpg

18 MARCH 2021: The Leader

Bayside Council calls for NSW Government to install speed cameras on Bay Street

A video of a Holden ute crashing into a homeowner's fence on Vanston Parade in Sans Souci shows the latest in a string of hoon-related incidents in the suburbs around Brighton Le Sands, and Bayside Council has now launched a campaign against the behaviour

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.41.03 am.png

12 November 2020: The Leader

Bayside Council and St George Police to tackle street safety

St George Police have set up Operation Overhaul during the summer period, bringing together Police from various units to tackle hooning and anti-social behaviour specifically along the Botany Bay foreshore

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 9.24.43 am.png

7 NOVEMBER 2020: The Leader

Peaceful Streets Action Group drafts anti-car hoon strategy for Bayside

The newly-formed Peaceful Streets Action Group, Bayside and Surrounds will present a 2,500 signature petition to Bayside Council next week calling for action to reduce the impact of car hoons

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 9.20.20 am.png

29 SEPTEMBER 2020: The Leader

New action group formed to tackle car hoons

​A petition for peaceful streets in Bayside has grown into a community action group demanding the state government intervene in road safety issues in the Bayside area

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.19.41 am.png

13 JUNE 2024: Peaceful Bayside Media Release

New grassroots party launches in all 5 Wards for Bayside

Voters in every Bayside ward will have a choice to vote for a team of candidates who stand for “fresh, visionary leadership” at the Council elections on 14 September.  


4 SEPTEMBER 2023: 9 News Sydney

Someone dies almost every day of the week in a car crash in NSW

With the number of fatalities this year sitting 33 per cent higher than last, police are blaming reckless drivers. Now new technology is promising to catch them in the act. Noise-activated speed cameras for hoon prevention.

9 News Sydney - 4 September.png

27 AUGUST 2023: The Australian

Family ‘distraught’ after kids killed in fatal smash

“We ask for you to honour your government’s commitments to begin noise cameras trials in Bay St and Sandringham by the end of 2023, with a commitment to revise the relevant legislation necessary to implement wider noise camera use across the state”

Monterey Car Accident - 25 August 2023.png

10 AUGUST 2023: The Leader

Bayside may ask for extended jet-ski exclusion zone in Botany Bay

In a Notice of Motion submitted in June, Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas called for a council report on how Bayside Council could include information about safe jet-ski activity as part of the Summer Foreshores program.


25 JUNE 2023: The Sydney Morning Herald

Noise cameras on way as hoons drive residents OUT

Cameras that detect noisy vehicles will be trialled in Sydney suburbs in a bid to combat “hooning” and anti-social driving, Independent MP Alex Greenwich has renewed calls for cameras that capture an image of a vehicle as well as measure its noise levels.

The SMH Noise Camera - 23 June 2023.png

16 JUNE 2023: The Leader

Call for Botany Bay safety zone for shorebirds

In a Notice of Motion submitted to the 25 May Bayside Council meeting, Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas asked the council to work with the Georges Riverkeeper program to develop a shorebird protection plan to accommodate resident and migratory shorebirds. This was supported by the council.


23 MARCH 2023: The Leader

NSW Labor will trial vehicle noise cameras in Bayside

A Minns Labor Government will roll out a trial of the new technology cameras, similar to those currently being tested in the UK. Rockdale MP, Steve Kamper made the announcement at Brighton Le Sands with Bayside Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas and Joyce Campbell from Peaceful Bayside.

NSW Labor Noise Camera Trial Announcement.png

6 OCTOBER 2022: 9 News Sydney

For years, hoons have driven locals and businesses in Brighton Le Sands to despair

In a drastic move, Council will close down the main drag to cars during weekends over Summer to stop the dangerous antics to hopefully bring families back to the area.

9 News - 6 October 2022 II.png

4 OCTOBER 2022: ABC Radio and online article

Bayside Council to trial Bay Street closure in Brighton Le Sands to keep hoon drivers out


Hoons will have one less place to "show off" their hotted-up cars when Bay Street in Brighton-Le-Sands closes during weekends this summer. 

Hooning - not in Bayside

11 AUGUST 2022: The Leader

Webinar focus on noise camera technology to tackle hoons

Staff from a major London council will address a free webinar hosted by the Peaceful Bayside Action Group next week on the latest noise camera technology to stop car hoons.


5 MAY 2022: The Leader

Skateboarders safety concerns no light matter

Safety concerns for skateboarders will see Bayside Council investigate options for installing safer lighting at the new skatepark at West Botany Street in Rockdale.

West Botany Street Skate Park.png

29 APRIL 2022: The Leader

For love or money or both: Bayside Council's superannuation debate

Superannuation for councillors will encourage more people to put their hand up to serve the community, Bayside Council was told this week.

Rockdale Town Hall.png

7 MARCH 2022: Dynamic Business

Women in politics: Rethinking the face of power

Reach for the stars, we tell young girls. Break that glass ceiling. Start your own business. But how vigorously do we urge them to use their talents to affect change by entering politics?

The Power of Women.png

5 FEBRUARY 2022: The Leader

Revive Wetland launch


Conservation Volunteers Australia launched the Revive our Wetlands Program at the Land Lights Wetland, Arncliffe last week to mark World Wetlands Day. The program is being undertaken by Conservation Volunteers Australia in partnership with Chevron Australia.


10 JANUARY 2022: The Leader

Women a strong force in new Bayside and Georges River Councils


The new Bayside Council has a record number of female Councillors with seven women taking their place on the 15-member Council, including Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas.

Bayside Council 2022.png

24 OCTOBER 2021: The Leader

Hannah shows how to cultivate your garden and community


Permaculture expert and author, Hannah Moloney will explain how to cultivate an urban garden and grow community ties when she appears in the Growing a Greener Bayside webinar on 4 November at 7.30pm


22 SEPTEMBER 2021: The Leader

Bardwell Park resident gets crafty on new reality show


Ms Buchanan, the owner of Pink Cactus in Rockdale, has turned her love of craft into a career, and is now showcasing her skills on Ten's "Making It". On 5 October she will talk about her love of and the potential to grow arts and crafts in Bayside, in a Peaceful Bayside webinar


3 SEPTEMBER 2021: The Leader

Learn how to paddle away from those lockdown blues


Lockdown has led to the Bayside Paddle Group being formed, to be a friendly place for locals to skill-share and celebrate members' paddling adventures on Botany Bay, and the Cooks and Georges Rivers


18 AUGUST 2021: The Leader

Community clear on future of Muddy Creek


Recently, the community garden members were concerned to find that Bayside Council's draft Muddy Creek Masterplan proposes a road that goes straight through the garden that they have worked for years to build

Muddy Creek Leader Article - 18 August 2021.png

23 JULY 2021: The Leader

Peaceful Bayside launches council election campaign


Peaceful Bayside has three independent candidates standing for Bayside Council in the December 4 local government elections: Heidi Lee Douglas, Imroze Ali and Joyce Campbell


15 JULY 2021: The Leader


Peaceful Bayside wants to find a way to support Bayside Council workers and highlights the potentially negative consequences of Bayside Council's working from home directive to staff


19 MAY 2021: Eastside FM Radio 89.5

RADIO INTERVIEW With presenter Virginia Lowe

​This week is national and international Road Safety Week, and local action group Peaceful Bayside is throwing its support behind a global call to embrace low speeder limits on suburban city streets where people and cars mix


14 FEBRUARY 2021: Sydney Morning Herald

Waterfront suburbs crack down on drag racing, burnouts and ‘louts’ 

Heidi Lee Douglas said there had been a significant increase in dangerous driving and excessive noise pollution. She was almost killed twice in one week by vehicles driving too fast, generating “unbearably loud noise” and blowing smoke

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 12.29.43 am.png

11 November 2020: 9News

'Living Hell': Residents call for increased police presence to deter hoons

Fed-up residents have banded together and presented a petition to their local council calling for more policing as hoons continue to make their lives hell

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 1.45.21 am.png

17 OCTOBER 2020: The Leader

Scott loved performance cars – now he is trying to save our streets from car hoons


In his 20s he drove a turbo-powered Nissan Skyline R33 for about eight years until he had an accident. Recently he joined the Peaceful Streets Action Group

Scott James The Leader.jpg

25 JULY 2020: The Leader

Young Bayside mum takes on the car hoons

A young mother-of-two is taking on car hoons and rev heads who are invading Bayside

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 9.14.55 am.png


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