27 NOVEMBER 2021: The Leader

Meet the Bayside Council candidates: HEIDI DOUGLAS


Heidi Douglas is the founder and lead candidate for Peaceful Bayside. She is a grassroots community independent with a track record in striving and working to make Bayside better
Vote 1 Group B above the line in Ward 5 on 4 December

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2 OCTOBER 2021: The Leader

Adopt a Tree program to be explored by Bayside Council


Heidi Lee Douglas, of the Peaceful Bayside action group, spoke at the meeting in full support of the motion. "Trees are important for reducing carbon emissions and helping us tackle climate change. They're good for our mental health and increase the liveability of our cities"


9 SEPTEMBER 2021: The Leader

Stock your mental health toolkit with free webinar


After weeks of lockdown, everyone is feeling strain. That's why it's so important to keep up your mental health and check in on others. Mental health clinician Mark Micelli recently chatted to Peaceful Bayside about restocking your mental health toolkit

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23 AUGUST 2021: The Leader

Renewing Bayside after COVID-19 lockdown


Renewing Bayside after lockdown is the subject of a webinar hosted by Peaceful Bayside on 26 August. After another extended lockdown, how can we breathe new life back into the empty Bay Street shopfronts?

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10 AUGUST 2021: The Leader

Restocking your mental health toolkit in lockdown


Mental health clinician and Bayside resident Mark Micelli will be imparting advice on how to restock your mental health toolkit for lockdown, at a free webinar hosted Peaceful Bayside on Thursday, August 12 at 7.25pm

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16 JULY 2021: The Leader

Car hoons in focus as Bayside rolls out new technology

Bayside has been trialling mobile Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) across the LGA. Following the success, the council will expand the technology to Brighton to tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour

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12 JUNE 2021: The Leader

Peaceful Bayside campaign targets women with new social group

A new Facebook group set-up by women in the Bayside local government area aims to support women through a range of issues including domestic violence and under-representation on local council

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18 MARCH 2021: The Leader

Bayside Council calls for NSW Government to install speed cameras on Bay Street

A video of a Holden ute crashing into a homeowner's fence on Vanston Parade in Sans Souci shows the latest in a string of hoon-related incidents in the suburbs around Brighton Le Sands, and Bayside Council has now launched a campaign against the behaviour

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12 November 2020: The Leader

Bayside Council and St George Police to tackle street safety

St George Police have set up Operation Overhaul during the summer period, bringing together Police from various units to tackle hooning and anti-social behaviour specifically along the Botany Bay foreshore

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7 NOVEMBER 2020: The Leader

Peaceful Streets Action Group drafts anti-car hoon strategy for Bayside

The newly-formed Peaceful Streets Action Group, Bayside and Surrounds will present a 2,500 signature petition to Bayside Council next week calling for action to reduce the impact of car hoons

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29 SEPTEMBER 2020: The Leader

New action group formed to tackle car hoons

​A petition for peaceful streets in Bayside has grown into a community action group demanding the state government intervene in road safety issues in the Bayside area

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24 OCTOBER 2021: The Leader

Hannah shows how to cultivate your garden and community


Permaculture expert and author, Hannah Moloney will explain how to cultivate an urban garden and grow community ties when she appears in the Growing a Greener Bayside webinar on 4 November at 7.30pm


22 SEPTEMBER 2021: The Leader

Bardwell Park resident gets crafty on new reality show


Ms Buchanan, the owner of Pink Cactus in Rockdale, has turned her love of craft into a career, and is now showcasing her skills on Ten's "Making It". On 5 October she will talk about her love of and the potential to grow arts and crafts in Bayside, in a Peaceful Bayside webinar


3 SEPTEMBER 2021: The Leader

Learn how to paddle away from those lockdown blues


Lockdown has led to the Bayside Paddle Group being formed, to be a friendly place for locals to skill-share and celebrate members' paddling adventures on Botany Bay, and the Cooks and Georges Rivers


18 AUGUST 2021: The Leader

Community clear on future of Muddy Creek


Recently, the community garden members were concerned to find that Bayside Council's draft Muddy Creek Masterplan proposes a road that goes straight through the garden that they have worked for years to build

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23 JULY 2021: The Leader

Peaceful Bayside launches council election campaign


Peaceful Bayside has three independent candidates standing for Bayside Council in the December 4 local government elections: Heidi Lee Douglas, Imroze Ali and Joyce Campbell


15 JULY 2021: The Leader


Peaceful Bayside wants to find a way to support Bayside Council workers and highlights the potentially negative consequences of Bayside Council's working from home directive to staff


19 MAY 2021: Eastside FM Radio 89.5

RADIO INTERVIEW With presenter Virginia Lowe

​This week is national and international Road Safety Week, and local action group Peaceful Bayside is throwing its support behind a global call to embrace low speeder limits on suburban city streets where people and cars mix


14 FEBRUARY 2021: Sydney Morning Herald

Waterfront suburbs crack down on drag racing, burnouts and ‘louts’ 

Heidi Lee Douglas said there had been a significant increase in dangerous driving and excessive noise pollution. She was almost killed twice in one week by vehicles driving too fast, generating “unbearably loud noise” and blowing smoke

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11 November 2020: 9News

'Living Hell': Residents call for increased police presence to deter hoons

Fed-up residents have banded together and presented a petition to their local council calling for more policing as hoons continue to make their lives hell

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17 OCTOBER 2020: The Leader

Scott loved performance cars – now he is trying to save our streets from car hoons


In his 20s he drove a turbo-powered Nissan Skyline R33 for about eight years until he had an accident. Recently he joined the Peaceful Streets Action Group

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25 JULY 2020: The Leader

Young Bayside mum takes on the car hoons

A young mother-of-two is taking on car hoons and rev heads who are invading Bayside

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