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Safer streets 

Promoting family-friendly, inclusive neighbourhoods

Support for local business and residents

Protecting and advocating for vulnerable people of all ages

Sustainability and well-managed green spaces

Development that preserves heritage and embraces design that complements community and environmental needs 

Community consultation and transparency

Domestic Violence - Fist.png

Domestic violence is Australia’s number one policing issue. We believe the attitudes of power holders can change through our advocacy and how we conduct ourselves. We also believe we all should be talking about these issues a lot more. We have a 10 point plan.

Domestic Violence


The pandemic has seen a marked increase in appreciation and demand for well-maintained and accessible public spaces. As Bayside increases in density and population, urban green spaces become increasingly important for community, sustainability and wellbeing.

Greener Bayside


High-powered personal watercraft on Botany Bay are being seen in increasing numbers, with some anti-social and illegal behaviour. This can put swimmers, kayakers, paddlers and other users at risk. Find out what's permitted and what to do if you observe concerning behaviour.

jet ski safety

Road Safety II.png

We support a combination of both short and long-term solutions to this safety and liveability issue plaguing Bayside; and working with all stakeholders, including the offending drivers, to develop strategies that focus on the safety and enjoyment of residents and visitors.



The creative arts​ ​enrich our physical, social, economic and cultural fabric, improving wellbeing and liveability. ​They are instrumental in creating a vibrant, healthy and prosperous community​. Peaceful Bayside has released its plan for the delivery of an arts & culture plan​.​

Creative bayside


Peaceful Bayside has released its Significant Tree Register Policy for Bayside Council to adopt in order to identify and recognise the importance of significant trees, to guide Council’s management of the trees and to ensure their protection for future generations.

significant tree register

Stationery Store


We urgently need visionary, proven ways to help our Bayside business community recover from a second extended COVID-19 lockdown. That's why Peaceful Bayside is developing an innovative plan to

Renew Bayside, based on the successful

Renew Newcastle model.

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