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help petition to create a bay street Promenade

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Sign the petition asking the NSW State Government to create

a promenade on Bay Street

Supporting the 

Bayside Business Community's petition

Why make Bay Street a promenade?

Cities around the world are changing their high streets to make them more welcoming and more liveable. By creating vehicle-free areas that provide safe and pollution-free spaces, people are able to enjoy their local area without being disturbed by excessive noise and pollution.

Studies show that when people are given the opportunity to walk in their high streets retail footfall can increase by approximately one third and retail turnover by an average of 17 per cent.

It’s been done successfully at Manly so, why not Bay Street? Ideally positioned adjacent to our beautiful Bayside foreshore, Bay Street is perfectly placed for a mall. And Bayside Council agrees. Councillors voted unanimously in November 2020 supporting Peaceful Bayside’s trial road closure* proposal. 

We now need you to help us convince our State Government to act.

*With a service and loading lane for emergency vehicles, buses and service vehicles.

The Manly Corso

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, we, the petitioners, request that Bay Street, Brighton Le Sands in the Bayside LGA, be closed to all vehicles (other than one lane for buses and emergency and service vehicles) from The Grand Parade to Moate Avenue. This is in order to create a pedestrianised promenade. By reducing vehicle emissions and excessive noise, a more liveable, healthy and dynamic shopping and eating precinct is assured. In turn, this will increase footfall and therefore sales and turnover to the local businesses which are still suffering financially after several years of bushfires, COVID-19 and the recent inclement weather.


Given the proximity of Bay Street to the foreshore, the closure of Bay Street makes it the ideal location for such an enterprise; a mall will greatly enhance and beautify the area.

I can see the many benefits of such a promenade and therefore support this proposal by adding my name and other details to this petition below.

Promenade Petition

The pedestrianisation of Bay Street will alleviate air and noise pollution and reduce dangerous driving in areas currently highly frequented by pedestrians. Some of the other benefits of closing roads to vehicles include:

Higher rates of walking and cycling.

More independent movement and active play amongst children.

Less land used for parking and roads - more available green and social space.

Lower levels of car use, resulting in much less traffic on surrounding roads.

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