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Our Story

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Heidi Lee Douglas and her children at Brighton Le Sands (Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald 2020)

More than 3,000 Bayside residents have already joined us to lobby for a Peaceful Bayside. Here is our story.

How it began

In June 2020, Bayside resident Heidi Lee Douglas was almost hit by dangerous drivers twice in one week when walking her local streets. Moved to action, Heidi set up the Bayside Residents for Peaceful Streets petition, calling for the Mayor of Bayside Council to work with police to create safer streets.

How it Grew

The response to the petition was phenomenal with thousands of people quickly signing the petition and contacting Heidi. In response, Heidi set up a Facebook group "Bayside Residents for Peaceful Streets". Within days, twenty concerned locals came together and created the community group "Peaceful Bayside", with a core group of volunteer organisers, now supported by more than 3,000 Peaceful Bayside supporters. 

st george POLICE

Since then Peaceful Bayside have educated and mobilised the community to properly report hooning and dangerous driving to Council. We engage with our community through online education, letterbox drops and attending police community consultation events. St George Police have acted on Peaceful Bayside's requests for more policing of dangerous driving and hooning through Operation Engage.

bayside council

In November 2020, Peaceful Bayside presented our petition to Bayside Council together with a set of recommendations on how Council can improve safety and liveability in Bayside in relation to safer streets.


Bayside Council unanimously supported Peaceful Bayside's suggestions. Council created its own "Safe Bayside" campaign to lobby state government for speed cameras on Bay Street. 

state government

Peaceful Bayside has written to the Premier, the Minister for Roads and Transport and the Minister for Police, and has mobilised our mailing list to also write to the ministers regarding these issues in Bayside. We have been working with our State Member of Parliament, Steve Kamper to increase his representations on the issue.

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Heidi Lee Douglas and Peaceful Bayside supporters (Courtesy of 9 News, 2020)


Our candidates at the 4 December 2021 elections
Heidi Lee Douglas, Joyce Campbell and Imroze Ali


Commitments made by Bayside Council needed ongoing pressure to be honoured, and we need councillors to be more active on this issue. Our community wanted fresh, visionary leadership for Bayside. 

We ran three Peaceful Bayside independent candidates in the 4 December 2021 Bayside Council election for Ward 5. Backed by hundreds of Peaceful Bayside volunteers, in December 2021, Heidi was elected to Bayside Council.

WHY We formed a party

Inspired and driven by what Councillor Heidi Lee Douglas has been able to achieve on Council, but with more to do in making Bayside better, we registered Peaceful Bayside as a local political party in 2023.

We are now running Peaceful Bayside candidates across Bayside at the 14 September 2024 local council elections.

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