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noise cameras - epa action

Peaceful Bayside has been actively leading advocacy for noise camera trials in Bayside to combat illegal hooning. In February 2022, Member for Rockdale, Steve Kamper gave a pre-election promise for trials to commence. Now, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is considering this trial. Write to the EPA and ask them to commence trials this summer, to help combat dangerous hooning in Bayside.

Suggested wording is below for an email you can send

to Tony Chappel, CEO of the EPA, and copy to the 

Minister for the Environment, Penny Sharpe.

Email addresses:;;


Please feel free to edit this copy into your own words and to add any relevant points or facts to make this a more personalised email, which will be more effective and have greater impact.


Dear Tony,


Throughout the year but especially during summer, residents and businesses alike in Bayside (NSW) suffer from illegal hooning, which includes high levels of anxiety-inducing noise due to deliberate anti-social driving.


As a supporter of the Peaceful Bayside Action Group, we have been advocating for noise camera trials in Bayside. Member for Rockdale and the Minns government are supportive of these trials, and we now understand consideration is with the EPA.   

The EPA "protects the community and our environment". As such, we ask the EPA to prioritise urgent trials of noise cameras in Bayside this summer. The Protection of Environment Operations Act 1997 says that the EPA is the regulatory authority and must act against noise pollution offences (Tier 2).

Bayside Council has already enacted the following measures:


  • Hooning “Have Your Say” hot spots map which is available to Transport for NSW and police, which has over 1000 engagements​;

  • Licence Plate Recognition cameras​;

  • Road modifications like speed humps and chicanes​;

  • Trial closures of Bay Street​;

  • Advocacy ​and support for noise camera​s;  

  • Advocating for mandatory education of high school students preventing anti-social driving.


And recently after the death of two young children in an alleged hooning accident on The Grand Parade, the State Government has committed to the installation of three new speed cameras on ​The Grand Parade.


We ask for you to begin noise camera trials in Bay Street and Sandringham by the end of 2023, with a commitment to revise the relevant legislation necessary to implement wider noise camera use across the state by the end of 2024.

We know we are not the only community in NSW suffering from this acute noise pollution. Requests for noise cameras have also been made by Alex Greenwich MP and the Wollongong City Council, in addition to support for noise cameras having been secured from Local Government NSW.


Yours sincerely, 

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