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fresh visionary leadership

Your Ward 3 Peaceful Bayside team from left to right: Lee Mangion, Janin Bredehoeft & Tina Workman

Elect Dr Janin Bredehoeft

as your Ward 3 councillor

Make Your Vote Count for:

  • Safer streets 

  • More liveable, accessible and family-friendly neighbourhoods

  • Revival of our town centres 

  • More support for arts and culture including making Rockdale an arts and culture hub

  • Better care for our creeks and green spaces, and connecting our green spaces from Bardwell Park to Botany Bay

  • Better pedestrian, cycling and public transport connections

Your Ward 3 Peaceful Bayside team from left to right: Lee Mangion, Dr Janin Bredehoeft and Tina Workman

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Meet Dr Janin Bredehoeft

I live in Rockdale with my young family and I am passionate about working on a council to build a Bayside where everyone can thrive, feel safe, and enjoy arts, culture, and our beautiful nature. 


My little family and I love the multicultural community in Bayside, the proximity to the city, the beautiful bay, and the Royal National Park. As a mum, I usually spend my weekend driving the kids around to soccer or basketball training and games. I always make sure to walk and hike in Sydney’s and Australia's outdoors and spend some time in my small native garden. 


My professional experience spans two continents and various roles. I am a trained nurse with experience in intensive care in Germany. While working, I also pursued a university degree. An exchange year brought me to Sydney, and love has kept me here ever since. Having worked at a university and the Australian government, I am now the CEO of a small not-for-profit organisation. My focus has always been on making people's lives better and improving our community. 


Together with the Bayside community, I want to work to build a better Bayside. A Bayside where we walk and cycle with family and friends, see community infrastructure, new affordable housing, new and upgraded parks, and tree plantings, sporting fields and pools, and more diversity in our public art and culture to ensure the Bayside is a better place for all in future. 


I feel lucky to live on the beautiful land of the Gadigal and Bidjigal people of the Eora Nation, where I am raising my children with my partner Marc. We are often seen actively walking the streets, parks, and green spaces. Walking around the area is like discovering hidden gems everywhere you go. That’s why I have set myself a goal: to walk all streets in the Ward 3/Bayside Council before Election Day. There is so much to explore, follow my tour, uncover the hidden gems, and say hi.

Meet Lee Mangion

I have lived in Bayside for over 25 years, currently in Arncliffe with my partner, two teenaged children and our gentle-natured beagle. We enjoy long walks, taking in Bayside’s parks, bushland and waterways. As the child of European immigrants, I celebrate our cultural diversity.


I am actively engaged in our community, regularly making submissions on matters before Council. I volunteered in the grassroots campaign that saw Heidi Lee Douglas elected as an independent councillor in 2021.  

Our local resources are under pressure with a growing population and increased visitor numbers. As a lawyer who specialises in social and public infrastructure, I am committed to promoting sustainable development that fosters enhanced public amenity, aesthetic design and local heritage, housing affordability and ecological protection. 

Big-party politics has dominated Bayside for too long and threatens the legacy we will leave our children. I am excited Peaceful Bayside is running more candidates this election to bring a fresh, independent-minded approach and can-do attitude to ensure Bayside prospers and achieves its full potential. 

Meet Tina Workman

I was born and bred in the St George area, attending Rockdale Public School and then Moorefields Girls' High School. The daughter of working class migrant parents, my Italian heritage is important to me and reflects my focus on family, community and history. What I love the most about living here is the cultural diversity - the waves of different migrants over the last five decades in particular has created a rich, vibrant and interesting social environment that's a joy to see. 


My background and experience has been gained through my work in cultural institutions, architecture and design. In the last two decades my interest has been in preserving our green spaces and promoting our area's history and heritage. Now retired, I have committed myself fully to community and volunteer activities with a focus on the further development and activation of our local museum, Lydham Hall Historic House in Rockdale.


I've always taken a keen interest in the activities of our council. As an avid council meeting watcher, I have been really impressed with the thoughtful, intelligent and articulate presence of Peaceful Bayside's Heidi Lee Douglas on our council.  


I am supporting and standing with Janin Bredehoeft because she is a well-known Ward 3 resident who is committed to the priorities of Peaceful Bayside. Voting for Janin ensures that all the good work Peaceful Bayside has done in one ward, can be continued in all wards.

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