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Fresh visionary leadership

Elect Dominic Galvin

as your Ward 4 councillor

Make Your Vote Count for:

  • Safer streets

  • Better-managed green spaces

  • More liveable, inclusive neighbourhoods

  • Safer, cleaner and more accessible beaches

  • Better walking and bike paths, including the Kamay Greenway

  • More support for local arts and events


Meet Dominic Galvin

I am a local high school teacher with a background in the transport industry. I am a keen cyclist, public transport user, automotive enthusiast and member of an historic car club. As your local councillor, I will work hard to ensure that the state government’s housing targets deliver more liveable neighbourhoods for everyone, with improved access to green spaces, better connections to public transport and safe footpaths and bike paths. 


I care deeply about our neighbourhood and am passionate about making it an even better place to live. I'm particularly concerned about the heavy traffic and pollution that clog up our streets, making them noisy and unsafe for everyone. It's crucial to address these issues by implementing measures to improve safety and reduce pollution, ensuring that our streets are accessible and pleasant for everyone, especially children, elderly residents and those less able.


Before transitioning into teaching, I worked as a truck driver in the waste, building, construction materials, quarries, and air and sea freight industries for businesses in the Bayside local government area, gaining firsthand experience of the challenges faced on our roads. I am a Sans Souci Veggie Patch member and have volunteered for Landcare, including at the Landing Lights Wetland.


I also served in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport as a driver with the 5th Combat Services Support Battalion in Banksmeadow.

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