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I grew up in the St George area and have always had fond and happy memories of it. My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lived and worked in the area and I went to Ramsgate Public School and Moorefield Girls’ High School. 


Four years ago, I moved back and now live in beautiful Brighton Le Sands. During the past four years I have witnessed and experienced destructive and unacceptable behaviour by people who make the area uncomfortable and stressful to live in; I became involved in Peaceful Bayside to help stop this.

The wondering women crew.jpg

Joyce Campbell with some of the Wondering Women

We are so blessed in Ward 5, which has an abundance of beautiful beaches and parkland. I would like everyone to experience what I experienced in my childhood years, so that they too have many fond memories of an area that is vibrant, safe and full of fun.



As your councillor, I will work diligently to provide improved profitability for Bayside​,​ resulting in increased investment in community projects and events that will deliver positive outcomes for residents and that will support local businesses.


I’m self-employed as a Business Adviser/Coach and Trainer, facilitating and keynote speaking on communication, leadership and culture change workshops. I conduct one-on-one coaching of future leaders and current executives. In addition, I head up a training academy for an international freight forwarder and customs broker. 

Previous roles I have held are, general manager of an international logistics company, director of operations for Asia Pacific for an international logistics company, and general manager of an Australian owned transport company.


Bayside Council needs better transparency, providing clear and open communication and discussion about the challenges and the opportunities. I want to help rebuild Bayside’s reputation and instil confidence in the community, knowing that their input and concerns will be listened to and acted on. 

My approach, both professionally and personally, is always

consultative and collaborative and combined with a naturally

optimistic mindset and can-do attitude, means that I get the

best from people. I’m driven by a need to ensure that I make

a positive contribution to all that I do and that includes working for my community. My expertise includes skills in compliance, financial analysis and budgeting, and human resources as well as effective and productive communication, leadership and team building skills and, of course, life experience. 


I’m a member of the National Association of Women in

Operations, Women in Logistics, and Freight Trade Alliance.

I am also a member of Bayside WomenWondering Women

and I spend my winter Saturday afternoons playing netball.

Joyce netball.jpeg
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